Throughout this site, I will be writing all the results I got from the researches I've done for color blindness, including what is colorblindness, why does it happen, and other answers to questions concerning this topic.

First, What exactly is color blindness??

  Colorblindness occurs when certain malfunction happens to the eye cells. Colorblindness means that the eyes can not tell the difference between Red, Green, or Blue or the mixture of these colors. The most common colorblindness is between Red and Green.

Male and Female

  If colorblindness is all caused by genetics, males have better chance getting them than females. The main reason is unless the female has a homozygous pair of colorblind allele, she will either be a carrier or healthy because of the X-X form. For males even if they only gets 1 colorblind allele, it will cause colorblindness issue because of the X-Y form.

Cures for Color Blindness

  There are no real way to fix colorblindness right now simply because of the fact that people cannot manage to change the genetics. Although colorblindness may occur when damages are made to the eye, still no one can change it.

  If one day people can actually cure colorblindness, it also means that people can control genetics. On that day parents can actually go into the hospital and modify how their children will look. How tall they are, how will they think, what's going to be their favorite subject, what's the children's habbit, and so on. It will be scary.

  While no one can cure colorblindness, special groups like armys don't want any colorblindness people. So after 1837 people started to make color filter lens that would let colorblindness people see better. It still cannot turn red into green, but it shows more contrast between the two colors by absorbing the short and the medium waves of light, leaving the longer ones which are easier to tell the difference.

A interesting fact about color blindness

  During World War II, US used colorblindness people as camouflage spotters because they can easily see the color that usually fools normal people.

A Wrong Concept

  Color Blindness does not mean the observer sees apples in green and grasses in red. Color Blindness means you can't tell the difference between two of them. See the pictures below:

  The top picture shows what a normal vision person would see. The bottom picture shows what a color blindness person would see.